Sunday, 17 August 2014

Varnishing The Floor

Now we have finished the floor in the bedroom here are some photos. The first is before we started the sanding.

The next photo is after we finished sanding.

Below is after two coats of varnish. After the first coat I had used nearly half of the tin and I was planning on doing three coats as this is what most people had recommended online. The floor was quite absorbent so it was taking a lot of varnish to cover it. On the second coat I used much less as the first coat had sealed it and I used even less on the third coat.

And then this is the floor after the third and final coat of varnish! 

I'm really pleased with how it has turned out and I like the finish of the varnish we used (Liberon High resistance floor varnish in matt- soft sheen) as I didn't want to too shiny. The floor is darker in the middle of the room than it is around the edge but this is just how the wood has been treated differently over the years and I think when we get the furniture in you won't see this as much.before the third coat I tried to do an extra coat of varnish around the edge to darken it but I it didn't make much difference and I didn't want the edges to end up more shiny.

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