Monday, 30 November 2015

Blue Bedroom And The Roof!

We've painted the back bedroom now apart from touching up a few edges. We had to do 2 coats of watered down white paint to seal the plaster then we painted the wall with the window white and the other 3 walls Bluetooth teal! We really like the colour! 

This is the sort of thing that we are copying... Minus the cow rug (photo from Pinterest!).

We've had our roof mended this week. We started to get a patch on the bedroom ceiling so somebody came to have a look and said the roof needed mending and the last home owner had put a plastic sheet up there to cover a hole! It was around the bay where it was particularly bad as there was no edging on it or something! As the roof is slate we needed a bit of scaffolding up so they could get up there properly. We did think about painting it while the scaffolding is up but it's not over the whole front and we don't have a long ladder, plus it's been too rainy! They guy who painted next door just did it on a ladder so we will probably get someone to do that in the summer. It's all mended now though and we've had less condensation in the bedroom since its been mended, hopeful,y that will help to stop any damp too! The guy that mended it is also going to come and sort out the back of the house over the next few weeks as the lintel above the bedroom window is very loose and there are some cracks in the wall. He said he can inject some filler type thing into the wall that fills up any cracks but then sets to hold it all together. Then it will need painting and sealing but that can wait until the summer.

The job for next weekend is sanding the floor boards, we need to hire Mum and Dad like last time!

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