Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Big Catch Up

We've been busy since Christmas doing various things...

We've sanded the floorboards, varnished the floor and painted a border on it in the back bedroom! We've also got the bed but we've not moved in there yet as we're just waiting to get the curtains sorted! The beds not in place yet and we've got the bedding but not put it all on! We're going to move the bedside tables etc from the front room into this one.

We've also finally got new curtains in the front bedroom which I'm really pleased with! They're from IKEA and they're velvety and teal! Sorry the photos not very good but it's hard to get the right light taking a photo of a window! 

The garden fence blew down last week in a storm so Nathan has spent the weekend putting it back up! There's just a gap at the end now we need to fill in and when going to make a new gate for when we get the dog!! 

We went to Bath this week which was lovely! Here are a couple of photos! 

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