Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lights In The Dining Room

A quick video to show you the new lights in the dining room! They're LED lights in a strip that nathan has put on top of the picture rail! We change change the brightness via remote control!

The skirting boards are still in the process of being attached in various ways then we will paint them.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Skirting Boards

Nathan has tiled and grouted the fireplaces this week.

Today we hired a tool to cut the corners for the skirting boards and Nathan has been cutting them all to size. It looks so much better with them in and less like a building site. We just need to attach them and paint them now!


I've sanded down my dressing table and waxed it! I jus need to clean the brass bits on uh handles and reattach the mirror then it will be finished!

I've stripped the paint off the door handles in the kitchen too, they were painted white before. I forgot to take a photo but they were similar to the ones on the other side of the door on the photo below. They're pretty black now so I'm going to clean them up a bit more then go over them with black paint.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

12 Week Update

Here is the 12 week update video! The main differences are that we have put boards down in the lounge to lay the carpet on top of and we have sorted out some of the rooms upstairs a bit more!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Skirting Boards, Windows and Dressing Table!

I've moved things round a bit this morning. We had carpet underlay in the cupboard under the stairs but I've emptied it out and filled it with boxes of things we don't need to use at the moment. We still need to take the carpet underlay to the tip so that a job for the weekend after next when we're back in wales!

We went to the builders merchants and for the skirting boards this morning. We just about managed to it them in the car. They're duel sided so we need to decide which side we prefer.

Nathan has patched up the hole above the window with some wood that he shaped using a router. The first photo is the only I could find of what it was like before. We're going to give it another coat of paint an attach the curtain rail to them then we can measure up for curtains!

We went to the auction surplus shop and I got a dressing table and chair with my birthday money! The dressing table was £80 and the chair was £10! They delivered then this evening. I think I'm going to sand them down an wax them. I'll re-do the padding on the chair and get some new fabric for the chair. I like how it's tacked on so I want to do that again.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Fireplace Tiles

Nathan has put the tiles down in the fireplace this week.  We have got black grouting but we've not done that yet!

The fireplace was a but chipped on the wood at the bottom so we've out filler in it. It's still going to be visible but we might just have to put something in front of it to hide it a bit.

I've sanded the fireplace and put on a few coats if bee's wax and buffed it. On the photo below it had wax on the bottom half but not the top.

This is the bottom section that's a bit damaged but hopefully we can hide that when we decorate!

A Busy Day Off

We've had a busy day off work today with lots of deliveries. The sofa has arrived but we're leaving it in the box for now. The fridge is also here and plugged in but we can't use it just yet. We will probably fill it up tomorrow.

We weren't sure where to put our book shelf but I've put it in the small room at the front of the house for now so we can use it for storage. I've managed to do a bit of unpacking too.

We ordered some boards to flatten out the floor downstairs and make a good base to put the carpet on. They arrived today and Nathan has put them down.

I also planted a few more plants in the garden!