Monday, 25 August 2014

Fireplace Progress

We've only speant a couple of hours at the house today. I've started to unpack some of the things from the kitchen. Then I cleaned up the fireplace a bit, I've seen some polish online for it which is recommend by most people so I think we will get some of that.

We laid out the terracotta tiles by the front fireplace to see how many we will need in a row so we can plan the bottom of the fireplace a bit. Nathan is going to make a raised hearth.

Nathan's four some concrete in the bottom of the back fireplace. He's going to get some self levelling concrete to flatten it all out to make a base for the tiles inside as we're having a drinks storage wrack inside this one!

We're getting a bit stuck for things to do now until the plasterer has come and finished. Hopefully in the week we will do the beading for the floor in the front bedroom as we've not had chance to do this yet.

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