Saturday, 9 August 2014

Other Updates

We needed to get things ready for the plasterer. We have finished cleaning the walls downstairs and got the polystyrene bits of the wall by either washing or sanding the walls. Nathan has now taken the radiators off and his dad has helped to put a lintel in the fireplace.

The second fireplace was full of soot. There had been a smaller chimney built inside the big chimney, it didn't have the tops closed off so either side of the small chimney was filled with soot. The lintel is going in this one tomorrow. This fireplace is bigger and we thinks this would have been the original living area in the house and the front section would have been kept for best which is why it is in much better condition.

This is the fireplace we have bought leaning against the wall to see what it would look like. For the second chimney breast were not going to have another fireplace but we have seen an idea on Pinterst making the alcove into a drinks storage area so we might do that as it will be in the dining room.

We've also cleared all the weeds out the garden, I've not got any photos but Mum wasn't very happy when a frog jumped out! Luckily by that point we had nearly finished!

Dad's also been tidying up the edges in the kitchen where there was sealant on the edges if the tiles and we had tried to paint. He has been removing the sealant as it's not needed and the tiles have a nice edge to them.

We had a look for some flooring for the kitchen but haven't seen anything we like yet. I want laminate tiles but I want them to be light in colour as we painted the top grey. I also want the tiles to be quite small as I think they will look out of proportion if they are too big as the kitchen is white small. We will keep looking out for some.

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