Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Garden

I've been trying to do a bit on the garden today. I started last week but it was taking me ages with a square spade so my Dad brought be a fork when they came to visit. Mum and Dad also brought lots of plants so I have made a good start now.

The border on the right hand side of the garden is in the shade nearly all day. I've planted some daffodil bulbs in there as we had loads and to did find some different bulbs already in the ground but I'm not sure what they were. I've also planted some forget me nots so we will see how they grow.

I've planted a variety of plants on the lend hand side border. Dad helped me to do an acidic section as I wouldn't have had a clue!

I want to have a bench in the middle of the border at some point so I'm going to leave the middle fence pannel section with just grass and no plants then hopefully we can put a bench there next year. That section of the garden has a lot of sun in the evening so it should be a nice place to sit out!

The cherry tree has also been planted and it looks smaller than ever now it's in the ground and not a pot!! It is a dwarf one but hopefully it can grow a few more branches now it's in the ground!

Nathan has made a light shade for the kitchen out of a colander! He saw the idea online and it only cost a couple of quid! 

We didn't get much in IKEA last week, mainly just little bits and bobs. We went to an furniture shop yesterday which is an auction surpluss shop. I've seen a nice dressing table so hopefully we will go back next weekend for my birthday and get it. They've got loads of things in there so might be get one or two other things too!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Few Little Jobs

After painting most of the lounge and dining room at the beginning of the week we were pretty tired so haven't done too much after work this week. We've done a few little jobs today that we needed to get done so we're back to making good progress.

We tidied up the paint around the edges this morning. I'm not very neat with the paint so like to use masking tape but it seems to keep pulling off the paint with it so we have gone round touching it up. It's 99% painted now and might just need a bit touching up on the ceiling.

We got some new vents from B&Q so Nathan has fit these!

Inside the back fireplace is painted now. We're going to have a drinks wrack inside! We've put a vent in the top of this.

We've got the freezer and washing machine set up in the utility room. Still no fridge though!!! We're keeping out eye out for a second hand one and have seen one on eBay that's up tomorrow so hopefully we will be sorted soon!

We've got a little storage wrack for the bathroom as we didn't have any storage in there.

Nathan also tacked the beading down round the edges of the bedroom and I touched up the paint.

In the garden I managed to cut the grass at the beginning of the week. We've put the washing line in today in concrete. It's currently covered by a green bin bag! I've been trying to pull up some of the weeds in the grass but I think we will kill it all in the spring and lay new grass down. I've not dug the boarder on the right yet but we've got a spade now so making progress! 

Tomorrow we're going to ikea!!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

8 Week Update

We've finally got internet today and here is the video for the 8 week update! I should be able to do blogs more often again now. I like looking back in the other videos and seeing how much we have done!

Friday, 12 September 2014

The "Rads"

The plumber has been over the last two nights until 9pm moving pipes and fitting radiators. They look really good against the blue walls! We just painted the radiator walls so they would be ready for him to hang then on. 

The pipes under the floorboards are harder to fit and rearrange than he first thought as there's lots of things in the way. Hopefully we've solved a damp patch in the wall as a pipe running nearby was quite loose and didn't have a coating so te plumber said it could easily have been leaking into the wall.

We've painted inside the fireplace with the left over grey paint from the kitchen and I think this will match well with the radiators.

I've polished up the fireplace and it's looking nice and shiny now!

Painting the lounge is the main thing we need to do next but whilst the plumber is working in there we need to stay out of the way!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Weekend's Progress

We've had a busy weekend and are fully moved in now. The plumber and electrician have been round. The plumber has fitted a radiator in the bedroom and attached the hob.

The electrician aren't happy with the plug sockets being above the hob, you can see this below. The cooker does have a glass panel that lifts up so this will protect it for now but we will need to get the plug sockets moved. We will have to get someone to attach the oven cheaply to the electric for now an then get the registered electricians in to sort everything out in a month or two!

We've got our new appliances out too and it looks very posh!

Nathan is cooking our first meal as I write this!

We have painted the walls that the radiator are going to go on with two coats of paint and they just need a third coat. The radiators are tall thin grey ones.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Six Week Update

Here's a video of where we are up to with the house after 6 weeks. We're moving in the weekend and hopefully progress will speed up then because we will be there in the evenings straight from work and we can do jobs easily when we want to.

We will be moving things in this weekend. We also might have the plumber coming and are going to try and paint the lounge as much as possible.

This was taken a few days ago because I was having problems loading the video! We have now painted the lounge with a watered down white coat to seal the plaster and a second coat of white paint.

Monday, 1 September 2014

The Bedroom Update

We have cut and painted the beading so it just needs attaching now! I think it finishes the floor off well. We've also put the bed together. I've seen a big cream rug that I think we will get for under the bed. I think it will help stop it being full of too much pine too! Nathan is making the wood bits to cover up the gap above the window then we can paint them and attach the curtain pole.