Sunday, 27 September 2015

Hallway Update

I've been trying to make the hallway look a bit nicer until we knock through the wall by the stairs which probably won't be for a while. We've got a new rug to go over the tiles. The tiles have got more dull again and I think they need some kind of sealant on them then a shiny varnish because the one I put on last time must have soaked in.

Mum and dad got us this wooden bucket from an upcycling fair and I've seen a photo on pinterest that I want to copy where they have filled it with logs and pine cones (and I might put some fairy lights in)!

I forgot to take a hoot before but I've painted the shoe cupboard with white gloss paint and changed the handles. I've painted the inside of the cupboard grey too! 

Nathan bought this mirror for about £2 from a charity shop so I thought it would give a go to putting "gold" leaf on it! It was really fun to do and I quite like how it looks worn and messy so Im not going to tidy it up at all. I left the middle section with the wood showing and put the gold on either side. I had to paint on a glue and leave it to go tacky then lay the tiny sheets of gold leaf on. It was quite fiddly and there were flakes of gold flying round the garden but it didn't take very long to do! I tried to drill a hole in the wall but I can't get the hole to go in enough so I'm waiting for Nathan to get back from his weekend away to put it up in the hallway by the front door. 

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