Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Just a quick update on the plastering; they have finished most of the lounge and doing room. They just need to do above the picture rail in the dining room and inside the fireplaces! The plasterers aren't able to come again now until early next week so it will get finished around then.

We're having the night off from the house tonight. We need to go and measure some things tomorrow. Nathan had been looking at some radiators that we want and we need to know the sizes of them ready for if we get a plumber in. We nee to get the plumber to service the boiler and fit the cooker so we thought we would try and get it all done at once.

I've still not seen any flooring I like for the kitchen. It would be good to get it done before we move in and have to put the cooker in the kitchen but I don't want to get anything I don't like!

I've got the day off in Friday and someone is coming to look at fitting a water metre in the afternoon so I should get a few jobs done then! We're going to try and move most of the things from our old house in this weekend!

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