Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Finished Plastering

I've been struggling for things to do this week because we needed the plasterer to finish. He came on Thrusday and Friday And the plastering is now finished and just needs to dry out a bit. Nathan has filled in the bottom of the fireplaces and raised up the front one a but ready to put the tiles on. We put the fireplace against the wall to see what it would look like before Nathan did the self levelling concrete and took a photo (below). 

The plasterer recommend a plumber so he came round to have a look this morning and is going to get back to is with a quote. We need the boiler sevricing, the oven fitting and the radiator pipes sorting in the lounge and front bedroom. We will be moving in next weekend so we might be living off microwave meals until we can get the oven connected. 

We have also cut the beading for the bedroom and given it a first coat of paint today. Whilst we were waiting for the plumber to come I was pulling up weeds in the grass. I've looked online and we might kill it all off in the spring and out new turf down so we can sort it out and get rid of the lumps and holes and the weeds.

Tomorrow's jobs are to finish painting the beading, clean the floor in the lounge, Nathan is going take the frame of his fireplace concrete and is going to tidy up the edges and we might start painting the ceiling in the lounge! 

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