Sunday, 24 August 2014

Moving Things

We've spent most of today moving things over to the new house. We've moved pretty much everything we can until we move out of this house which will probably be in less than two weeks.

Please excuse the half cut grass, the lawn mower is having a hard job getting through it and keeps dieing!

Yesterday we went on a shopping trip! Home base had 15% off so we bought some duck egg blue paint for the lounge and two new toilet seats!! We also finally got some keys cut. Then we went to an outlet furniture shop and found a sofa we really like for £400. It's a 3 seated and the end 3 seats recline and the fabric is a fake suade effect. It's also really comfy!! We've put a deposit on it for it to be delivered around mid September. We're due to be getting £700 back from the deposit from our rented house so this will buy the sofa! 

Today I've cleaned the downstairs toilet and fitted the toilet seats upstairs and downstairs (I'm now an expert toilet seat fitter). Nathan has been preparing the fireplace for the plasterer a but more by filling in some missing bricks in the side.

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