Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sorting Out Our Old House

I finished varnishing the floor in the bedroom yesterday morning so photos should be up later today!

We have got someone coming to view the house we are currently renting on Tuesday so we spent mostif yesterday (Saturday) moving things across to the new house and cleaning and tidying our rented house. 

We also went to B&Q yesterday to get the stuff for the plasterer. He is hopefully bringing someone with him and coming on Monday so they should make good progress on the lounge and dining room. We still need to buy the metal covers for the corners of the room but they're long so we will have to hang them out of the car! We also need to go to Wickes today and get one more thing for the plasterer. We need to PVA the walls today ready for the plasterer and take the last few skirting boards off.

Hopefully today we can get some of the finishing touches done in the front bedroom. We just need some beading for around the edge of the floor and some wood to sort out the gap above the window. We're going to use the old curtain rail for the bay window as they look quite expensive and I think it just needs tightening up. I'm going to measure for some curtains and hopefully if we get some fabric Nathan's a grandma can make us some!

Below is a a combination of the two videos I have took, I managed to edit them into one video last night so we can see the changes more.

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