Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Carpet Is Down!!

I've just noticed another post that didn't upload from the end of November so here it is.... I definitely need to check these actually go on her after I write them!!

We've got the carpet down!! It really bex and soft and makes it much more cosy!! We've got the table and chairs and the Welsh dresser coming tomorrow and we need to move the tv down! 

Christmas Tree

This is a bit late now but I just went to write a new post an saw the last one never actually uploaded so here it is...

We've put our tree and decorations up now! 

This is the house opposite we have to compete with!! 


I don't think I every linked to this video on here. It is a combination of all of the videos I have taken of the lounge to show how it has changes.

Below are a few more photos of the house we have taken recently. We have been having a bit of a break but there have still been some changes.

We got a new mirror today from Home Sense, it was only £25! We've just rested it on the fireplace for now but I think we will attach it onto the wall a bit higher up!

We've got some christmas money so we're going to get a dehumidifier as out digital thing still says it is too humid! We need to get some blinds to so we can stop using the spare chip boards in the lounge window at night! I think we're going to get some wooden slatted blinds in the lounge.

I made an order on John Lewis as we ha a voucher to spend so I will show you what I bought web it arrives!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Video Update

Here's the latest video update of the house! The lounge is finished now Part from a few extra touches, same with the front bedroom!

We've still got some unpacking and sorting out to do. We're having a bit of break over Christmas and then we will carry on in the new year!