Monday, 8 September 2014

Weekend's Progress

We've had a busy weekend and are fully moved in now. The plumber and electrician have been round. The plumber has fitted a radiator in the bedroom and attached the hob.

The electrician aren't happy with the plug sockets being above the hob, you can see this below. The cooker does have a glass panel that lifts up so this will protect it for now but we will need to get the plug sockets moved. We will have to get someone to attach the oven cheaply to the electric for now an then get the registered electricians in to sort everything out in a month or two!

We've got our new appliances out too and it looks very posh!

Nathan is cooking our first meal as I write this!

We have painted the walls that the radiator are going to go on with two coats of paint and they just need a third coat. The radiators are tall thin grey ones.

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