Friday, 12 September 2014

The "Rads"

The plumber has been over the last two nights until 9pm moving pipes and fitting radiators. They look really good against the blue walls! We just painted the radiator walls so they would be ready for him to hang then on. 

The pipes under the floorboards are harder to fit and rearrange than he first thought as there's lots of things in the way. Hopefully we've solved a damp patch in the wall as a pipe running nearby was quite loose and didn't have a coating so te plumber said it could easily have been leaking into the wall.

We've painted inside the fireplace with the left over grey paint from the kitchen and I think this will match well with the radiators.

I've polished up the fireplace and it's looking nice and shiny now!

Painting the lounge is the main thing we need to do next but whilst the plumber is working in there we need to stay out of the way!

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