Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Few Little Jobs

After painting most of the lounge and dining room at the beginning of the week we were pretty tired so haven't done too much after work this week. We've done a few little jobs today that we needed to get done so we're back to making good progress.

We tidied up the paint around the edges this morning. I'm not very neat with the paint so like to use masking tape but it seems to keep pulling off the paint with it so we have gone round touching it up. It's 99% painted now and might just need a bit touching up on the ceiling.

We got some new vents from B&Q so Nathan has fit these!

Inside the back fireplace is painted now. We're going to have a drinks wrack inside! We've put a vent in the top of this.

We've got the freezer and washing machine set up in the utility room. Still no fridge though!!! We're keeping out eye out for a second hand one and have seen one on eBay that's up tomorrow so hopefully we will be sorted soon!

We've got a little storage wrack for the bathroom as we didn't have any storage in there.

Nathan also tacked the beading down round the edges of the bedroom and I touched up the paint.

In the garden I managed to cut the grass at the beginning of the week. We've put the washing line in today in concrete. It's currently covered by a green bin bag! I've been trying to pull up some of the weeds in the grass but I think we will kill it all in the spring and lay new grass down. I've not dug the boarder on the right yet but we've got a spade now so making progress! 

Tomorrow we're going to ikea!!!

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