Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Garden

I've been trying to do a bit on the garden today. I started last week but it was taking me ages with a square spade so my Dad brought be a fork when they came to visit. Mum and Dad also brought lots of plants so I have made a good start now.

The border on the right hand side of the garden is in the shade nearly all day. I've planted some daffodil bulbs in there as we had loads and to did find some different bulbs already in the ground but I'm not sure what they were. I've also planted some forget me nots so we will see how they grow.

I've planted a variety of plants on the lend hand side border. Dad helped me to do an acidic section as I wouldn't have had a clue!

I want to have a bench in the middle of the border at some point so I'm going to leave the middle fence pannel section with just grass and no plants then hopefully we can put a bench there next year. That section of the garden has a lot of sun in the evening so it should be a nice place to sit out!

The cherry tree has also been planted and it looks smaller than ever now it's in the ground and not a pot!! It is a dwarf one but hopefully it can grow a few more branches now it's in the ground!

Nathan has made a light shade for the kitchen out of a colander! He saw the idea online and it only cost a couple of quid! 

We didn't get much in IKEA last week, mainly just little bits and bobs. We went to an furniture shop yesterday which is an auction surpluss shop. I've seen a nice dressing table so hopefully we will go back next weekend for my birthday and get it. They've got loads of things in there so might be get one or two other things too!

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