Thursday, 20 November 2014


Last week the plug sockets stopped working in the lounge and utility room, when the electrician came to fix it we found out that the switch in the fuse box had melted!! Luckily it's all sorted now without too much damage or expense!

Nathan has been working hard in the lounge this week getting everything ready before the carpet comes on Tuesday. He has sorted out te light switches so all 3 for the lounge are on 1 switch and not in a random order! He has also been properly attaching the LED lights over the picture rail. We need to finish off touching up the painting and the messy jobs then clean up before the carpet comes. 

I started lifting up the laminate flooring in the hallway so it wouldn't be in the way for the join of the carpet. The tiles are a bit different by the door which is quite cool. I've cleaned the tiles once but they are so dirty that it will take a few times just to get the dirt off before we start to get it all back to a good condition. 

The last photo is after I cleaned it. I need to scub it a bit near the bottom right of the photo. There's not too many broken tiles which is good!

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