Saturday, 8 November 2014


The skirting boards are nearly finished now. They're attached and the wall has been filled in around them where the plaster didn't reach. We've done two coats of gloss so one more tomorrow morning and they will be done. We just need to touch up the blue paint where the filler is.

"Martin Carpets" came today with his mobile carpet showroom! We've seen a carpet we like, it's grey and quite dark but nice fluffy! We're going to let him know on Monday that we want it and hopefully he can fit it in about 2 weeks!! Then we can finally get the furniture in and live in there!

I've been taking apart my chair today and it's got horse hair inside it!! It must be pretty old! I'm going to put some extra padding over the top. It was hard work getting the pins out but I've nearly finished now. I've ordered the fabric from eBay so hopefully that will be here soon.

I've also been bleaching my dressing table to get the black mark out and I think it's working!

The wood still needs to dry out but once it has I'm going to do a few coats of wax to darken it again and it think it will be fine! I put a bit of wax on on the last photo to see what it will look like and I think it will work well. There is one bit that's quite deep on the left but it's not too big.

We've also finally gotten rid of the prepaid electric and has metre and were on the normal payment method now so we don't have to go to the shop to top it up and make sure if doesn't run out!! It should also be cheaper now!

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