Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Our New House

Here is a video of our new house to show you all what we have to start with and hopefully to look back on in a few months time when we have done some work on it.

We got the keys on Tuesday so have started planning what we need to do. The first job is getting the electricity connected, once this is done we can start removing the wall paper and see what's underneath! The Home Buyer's Report did say the house had some damp so this is something we need to look into although we're hoping it is just because the house has been empty for a few months.

The house has been rented out by its previous owner and in the past it was also split into upstairs and downstairs separate flats. This means there are a lot more wires everywhere and the third bedroom was previously a kitchen. Luckily it is now back to a bedroom so that's one less job for us.

Try not to get motion sickness from the video!

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