Saturday, 26 July 2014

Electricity on a Pre-Paid Meter

This might be a bit boring but thought it would be helpfull for anyone in the same situation!

We didn't realise before we bought the house but it is actually on a prepaid meter for gas and electrics. The house had no electricity and there was a debt showing on the machine. We did not know what company provided the gas and electricity previously.

We decided to go with E.ON for gas and electricty and after being on hold with them for 50 minutes they told us the previous supplier was Swalec for electricty but they could not tell us about gas. They signed us up but said it would take around 3 weeks to switch to them. Once we have switched we need to conact them again to ask to move onto a credit account. They just carry out a credit check then can change it over.

As we needed power in the mean time to sort out the house we then called Swalec. We were hoping that the gas was with them as well and luckily it was! They arranged for us to pick up a card for the electricty from a local co op and gave us a code which would wipe the debt off. We then just had to go back to the co op and put money in the card so we could use the electricty. The card/key for the gas will be coming in the post. 

Having electricty has meant we could get started stripping the woodchip wallpaper, photos to follow!

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