Monday, 9 November 2015

Plastering The Back Bedroom (Name by Dad!!)

We've had the back bedroom plastered today! It's nearly finished and is looking good! When we stripped the wallpaper a bit of plaster was loose so we pulled it off and it was back to the brick so he's filled that in today and will poster that wall tomorrow! 

We've seen the lamps we want to get for he wall either side of the bed from IKEA! We're starting to look into beds as well. Nathan wants one that doesn't has an end on the foot of the bed as he is tall and I prefer wooden ones but a lot of wooden ones do have an end. We were wondering about getting a plain bed with a really nice headboard, maybe an upcycled one but we need to do some research into that! 

Nathan is choosing a lot of the things for this bedroom! I think we're going to have a navy colour on the all and maybe a section of wallpaper but we haven't fully decided yet. We're going to keep the floorboards like in the other room but might paint them or paint a boarder on them to make it look a bit different! I think we're also going to have a desk in there with a computer. We've decided to put the bed on the wall opposite the fireplace and we can put shelves and stuff on either side of the fireplace then. 

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