Sunday, 5 July 2015


Here are some updates with what we've been  to...

I've filled in some of the cracks on the tiles with white putty. I need to stick the replacement tiles down and then give it a second clean then hopefully I can put the varnish stuff on! 

Nathan's been busy sorting out the dressing room today as we had the mdf delivered yesterday! We're going to have clothes rails underneath the shelves so we might order these now we know the size we will need! The mdf isn't attached yet, Nathan's just checking the size then we're going to take them down and paint them white. 

We've put a sneaky clock over where the vent used to be. Nathan filled the hole in but it was stil rough so we've put a clock over it!! 

The hanging baskets are looking quite nice. I put sweet peas in them and I wasn't sure how they would look but I like them! 

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