Monday, 25 May 2015

More Updates And New Windows This Week!!

I've got a new copper plate to go on the wall above the bed in the front room! I've cleaned it up but it's still got a bit of green appearing so need to try and sort that out. I've also got a foot stool for the front bedroom to go woth the chair! 

He photos aren't very good because it was very dull but I've painted a big, black plastic photo fram with the blue annie sloane paint so it matches our side tables! We just need to sort out some photos for it now! 

We're getting new windows tomorrow and Wednesday in the bedrooms and the lounge!! The front bedroom is the worst at the moment, as you ca on see in the photo below we have stuffed the gap in the frame with tissue! The glass is also misted up. The new ones should make the road quieter and keep the house warmer! They're also making the dressing room window back to its original size so that should be bigger! 

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