Sunday, 1 March 2015

Garden Update

I've been doing a few jobs today so we've got more done for when Mum and Dad come to visit! First I've been painting the skirting boards and door frames in the hallway, next job in the hallway is to paint the walls. We're just giving it a quick paint so it looks fine for now then we will come back to it another time to sort the walls our or put some new wallpaper up. Then we need to sort the tiled floor out! 

Then I did a bit in the garden. We've got quite a lot of daffodils coming up now, only one is flowering though so far! We bought a welly plant pot the other day so I've put a strawberry plant in it we had from last year! I also decided I wanted to outline the border with something and as we had some bricks left over from knocking out the fireplace I pulled some out of our pile for the skip! I'm going to dig them into the ground so they are level with it and I think it looks quite nice! Nathan's she'd is going at the back of the garden so I'm not sure how far back to go with them yet! 

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